The Center for Applied Genomics

A Leading CLIA-Certified Microarray Center

The Center for Applied Genomics (CAG) at the Institute of Genomic Medicine (IGM) and the Public Health Research Institute (PHRI) is a leading academic medical center laboratory focused on research, development, and clinical application of DNA and protein microarray technology. We also provide bioinformatic support, and protein biomarker validation and characterization within the IGM Mass Spectrometry Immunoassay (MSIA) Core Facility.

Our expertise is in the design, application and production of high quality DNA and protein mircoarrays, the development of microarray analysis tools, the development of novel array based technologies and interdisciplinary collaboration in molecular, cellular and systems biology, engineering, materials science, and information systems. Work at the CAG spans applications ranging from basic research to diagnostics, drug discovery, clinical trials and public health.

The CAG plays an important role in bringing together researchers from universities, medical centers, institutes and technology companies for collaborative research projects. The CAG provides the leadership and teambuilding environment necessary to foster successful collaborative research teams.

The Center for Applied Genomics
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What's New

We are now offering the T-SPOT.TB test for clinical diagnostics and research applications.

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Recent Publications

Raza, A., Dikdan, G., Desai, K.K., Shareef, A., Fernandes, H., Aris, V., de la Torre, A.N., Wilson, D., Fisher, A., Soteropoulos, P. and Koneru, B. (2010) Global gene expression profiles of ischemic preconditioning in deceased donor liver transplantation.  Liver Transplantation  16: 588-599.

Wu, S., Barnes, P.F., Samten, B., Pang, X., Rodrigue, S., Ghanny, S., Soteropoulos, P., Gaudreau, L. and Howard, S.T. (2009)  Activation of the eis gene in a W-Beijing strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis correlates with increased SigA levels and enhanced intracellular growthMicrobiology 155:1272-1281.

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